13Pcs Soft Fluffy Makeup Brushes


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Set of 13 brushes, including foundation brush, makeup brush, shadow brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, etc. 

Soft and fine artificial fibers reduce damage to the skin. 


Plastic handle and aluminum tube, durable cosmetic brush. 


Easy to clean, not easy to shed hair. 




Hair length: about4.5cm 

Total length: about 17cm 

Name: cosmetic brush 

Color:Picture color 


Weight: 85g 


Quantity: 13 pcs 


Material: artificial fiber 


Type: powder brush, foundation brush, shadow brush, blush brush, highlighter brush, detail concealer brush, nose shadow brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush, lip brush. 


Suitable: all 


Package Included: 


cosmetic brush*1








Handle Color

13Pcs -no bag, 13Pcs-no bag, 13Pcs-no bag 1, 13Pcs-no bag 2, 13Pcs-no bag 3, 13Pcs-velvet bag, 13Pcs-velvet bag 1, 13Pcs-velvet bag 2, 13Pcs-velvet bag 3, 13Pcs-velvet bag 4


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13Pcs Soft Fluffy Makeup Brushes
13Pcs Soft Fluffy Makeup Brushes
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